Shipping Information

Products are delivered discretely and securely as we take your privacy seriously. Due to the location, shipping may vary on international products by means of Fed-Ex, DHL, EMS, UPS. Depending on current rates and shipping terms. Frequently we are asked the shipping times of customs deliveries. While those may vary we track your package and most packages clear customs within 1-2 days. While others may claim longer we provide proof of our shipment to our customers. When you order with us, you know your health is in good hands.

Our international shipping is %100 safe. All order's are sent from friendly countries with no problem's (NOT china, etc.).

We provide a tracking number for each package. 

Safety,To protect our customers we split big orders,In case we have to split your package it will be at our own expense by registered mail.

NOTE: No reship policy for Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy. Delivery for these countries will be ONLY by regular mail.